The most productive day ever

It is great to have a sense of accomplishment. Yesterday was absolutely one of the best days days for getting stuff done in the Crooked Oak household.

1. Drove home from vacation, stopping at the in-laws along the way.
2. Did every stitch of laundry accumulated by said trip.
3. Picked up dry cleaning.
4. Ran errands.
5. Made 2 gallons of tea.
6. Made a batch of bean salsa aka "Texas caviar".
7. Made 2 gallons of homemade laundry detergent.
8. Setup new iPad. And well, played around on it for a while.
9. Made dinner. An awesome salad with baked shrimp "croutons".
10. Worked in the garden for a while. Taking out bean plants and getting ready for some more tomato plants.

Whew! It was a very satisfying day.

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