I love invites!!!!!!!!!

I got my RAVELRY INVITE TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't think that excited can explain how I am feeling! Time to have some fun!

on another note. Finished my granny square afghan, and I can't seem to get my husband out from under it! oh well, I guess I'll just have to make myself another one... I've spotted a few patterns already, that would be fun on ravelry!

Started on a vesty thing for myself... still plugging away through my Crochet Today patterns. I started this pattern before, and loved it. Ran out of the yarn and can't seem to find it anywhere. doesn't help that the wrapper from the skein had been lost in a freak campfire accident. Don't ask. Okay, I threw it in the campfire thinking it was garbage as I had another skein at home. Nope, no such luck.

This time I've gone for Elle's Pure Gold DK in color plum. It's a really fun yarn to work with, very light and very smooth. Pricing wasn't bad either, about $6-7 at my local yarn store It's a Stitch in Charlottesville, VA. I pass through there about once a week. I have to get my crack fix don't I?!?!

Off to Ravelry!


Granny Panties

Having been feeding my nasty crochet habit for the last several years, I have amassed an amazing collection of odds and ends in scrap yarn. Working with each pattern and color for larger projects for so long, you develop a bond with your yarn. Even though I may have a golf ball sized ball of yarn left over from a project, I don't want to simply throw it away. So I have begun work on my first "memory-gan" a.k.a. scrap buster afghan.

This is the pattern picture. I'll try to post some of mine shortly! I'm in love with Crochet Today from Interweave Press! I pour over the pages for at least a week before I begin any projects. I've kept the background in the same family of browns , but used what I had left over for the main body. And being the Amazon woman that I am.. well 5'10" is tall enough! I'm adding much more of a border so that I can completely cover up/roll up like a burrito inside it's afghan goodness.

Needless to say, I am in love with the Granny Crochet pattern! I can use virtually any color combination and it looks like fun!

On to other things...

I've found a couple of new crack dealers... aka yarn shops! Stumbled across one after taking a wrong turn in Charlottesville VA. It's a Stitch! No really... that's the name of the store. And The Mechling Knit Shoppe, LLC. I can's seem to find their website, as they are very new... but the selection was amazing! and Lynn was as nice as can be!

I'm really glad to see that Knitting a Crocheting is coming back in a big way. Plus I'm glad to be able to afford something besides Super Saver yarn. Not that there is anything wrong with it! It got me through my starving art student days! And for that I will be eternally grateful.