I've been a closet crafter my entire life. Literally. Growing up we had a great closet of sorts (at one time I think it was a kitchen when our house was 2 apartments) off of my parent's bedroom. My mom stocked it with everything from glitter to fabric to carpet samples to paper and everything in between. I could spend hours in that room.

Now that I am a grown up... biologically of course, I spend almost as much time in my own room at my house. I try to contain the mess, and my husband likes to point out when the room seems to vomit out into the rest of the house, but really, a girl needs a lot of space to work...

I crochet, and sew and paint and crochet and bead and crochet and take photographs... I have a job to support my nasty art habit. Why can't the fun things pay the bills?

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It's Me...Maven said...

Please, if you find a way for our crafty-fun things to "pay the bills," let me know. This working nonsense is killing me.