Bag lady

I am officially a bag lady. I've just stocked some new designs on my Etsy site. Here's to hoping they go over well!


My theory on why the years seem to go by faster and faster

I walked into my local Hobby Lobby today and was smacked in the face by:

Fall. Yes folks. It is mid-June and thanksgiving has taken over the aisles of my favorite craft location.

BUT. Then I turned the corner.

And there was Christmas. Now. In June. More then 6 months prior to the holiday - and it's here.

This is, in my opinion, why the years seem to fly by. We live with Christmas for 6 months of the year.


If I didn't love it, I wouldn't do it!

I love creating, and all aspects involved in the process. I have come to have a deep appreciation for patterns. I used to be the type to start cutting and see what comes of it. I seem to have evolved into the type that creates patterns and sticks to them! So today is a pattern creating kind of day.


Workin' it

My desk is a mess. It's how I work best! Plus, I find it helpful to have lots of toys at arms reach.


It's a good day!

My garden is going gangbusters. Finished the tomato cages and picked the first crop of the season: green beans!


Time again for me to change

I'm in love. With BURLAP! Working on a new line of handbags that should be ready soon. I can't wait!

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